New York NY

“I had personally consulted independently for something like 10 years before joining Appleton Greene. I am a great believer in speculating to accumulate and was spending about $5,000 per month on marketing my practice. This included about $1,000 per month on purchasing database contacts for mass mailing. So, spending $1,225 annually for the opportunity to reach out to 500,000 contacts through Appleton Greene, where there was no cold calling, was a no brainer for me really. What I was not expecting was the level of professional support that I received, assistance with developing a detailed client information guide and this process really helped me to fully understand what it was that I personally had to sell and precisely why clients would buy it. I also liked the fact that I could ease myself into Appleton Greene without giving up my current clients. Approximately 70% of my clients come from Appleton Greene now.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in New York NY

Los Angeles CA

“I worked in Human resources for 20 years and had always considered consulting but had never taken the plunge. Every self-analysis test that I had undertaken told me that I was ideally suited to being a consultant, but I just did not know how to go about it. I had interviews with some of the big consulting firms but felt that I would just be project managing their own services. It didn’t feel right for me. I also had interviews with several consultancy umbrella organizations, but the problem was that I still did not understand what I was actually going to do if a client employed me. The attraction of Appleton Greene was that I could stick my toe in the water, so to speak. The annual cost was negligible and I was able to continue working with my employer while setting everything up. I learnt how to develop a detailed consulting service brochure for myself and this process helped me to understand what it was that I could do. The support that I received during this process was really excellent. I did not really understand this at the time, but the majority of business at Appleton Greene comes through their learning providers, so there is no need for business development. I am now a full-time consultant and thoroughly enjoy my work now. Appleton Greene gave me the confidence and the support to have a go.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Los Angeles CA

Chicago IL

“I am not one of these people who expects something for nothing and I do not mind paying for good service. The majority of Appleton Greene’s income comes from commissions and service fees on consultancy engagements so I was therefore comfortable paying for the business development service provided by Appleton Greene. I could tell that everything had been really well thought through, just by reading the information guide and this gave me the confidence to give it a try. It took me a while to get started, just because my own commitments prevented me from developing the content for my consulting service guide, but once I had done this, everything started to flow. My expectations have now been raised and I have been itching to become a full certified learning provider or at least a program director at Appleton Greene.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Chicago IL

Houston TX

“Being a lawyer I am a stickler for the detail. I have been on the client side of consulting in the past and always struggled to understand precisely what all of these consultants were actually going to do. I was originally introduced to Appleton Greene by employing the services of one of their consultants. I was really impressed with the quantity and quality of information that was made available to me before we employed the consultant. I knew exactly what they were going to do and their consulting service information guide provided a constant source of reference. These services were then facilitated by qualified learning providers who were implementing business improvement processes. Needless to say, when I got to the stage when I was considering doing some part-time consulting myself, Appleton Greene was my first and only port of call.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Houston TX

Philadelphia PA

“I did some serious research before joining Appleton Greene. I had meetings with a variety of different consulting firms but felt that all that they were really offering was the opportunity to be registered with them and success would be subject to clients being interested in my profile, much as it is with Linkedin. The more I peeled the onion with Appleton Greene the more I realized that their service was much more than this. I had no idea if it would work, but I felt compelled to give it a try. I completed my profile and had it published. I worked hard on my client service guide and had this published. I wrote several professional articles and had them published. Then the dime dropped! What I was doing here was creating awareness. The client service guide and professional articles are what did the trick for me because they enabled me to really “engage” clients for the first time in my career. I currently earn a six figure income through Appleton Greene and am still only working an average of 25 hours per week, which leaves plenty of time for other things.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Philadelphia PA

Phoenix AZ

“Everyone told me that if I wanted to succeed as a consultant that I had to network my butt off! So I did, I had a detailed profile on Linkedin and developed over 500 connections and joined I don’t know how many professional groups. I had a profile on I don’t know how many other professional and social networks and I was spending approximately 25% of my time networking and promoting myself. If I had a dollar for every consultancy assignment that I have been promised via professional or social networks, I could have retired by now. What did I achieve from all of this effort, zilch! After becoming somewhat disenchanted, I began looking for something different. I enjoyed consulting, but all of my projects were coming from word of mouth and whatever I tried with marketing and networking wasn’t working. What intrigued me with Appleton Greene, was that they were NOT offering the opportunity to network. Indeed they did not appear to have any real presence on social of professional networks. This was actually a commercial organization that already had a long list of clients worldwide and all that they required of me was to provide detailed content about the consulting services that I would ideally like to offer. All of my clients now come through Appleton Greene and every minute that I have spent with them has been a productive minute.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Phoenix AZ

San Antonio TX

“A friend recommended Appleton Greene to me. They were applying to Appleton Greene themselves and provided me with a link to their consultant information guide. I was instantly hooked and contacted them to apply. Unfortunately I had to wait for their next annual intake and I was chomping on the bit by then. What I liked was the emphasis on the consulting service itself. If I was excited by what I could develop, then presumably clients would be too. The support and assistance that I received from Appleton Greene was enlightening, their attention to detail is remarkable and this theme is reflected throughout all of their services. I felt that I was being professionally trained and had support whenever I needed it. The result was that I gained in confidence, established a portfolio of clients and I also outsource work to two other consultants.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in San Antonio TX

San Diego CA

“Like most people I am very busy and have a short attention span. You can therefore imagine how surprised I was when I spent a whole day out of my weekend, reading through all of the ACS Candidate Information Guide. I couldn’t believe how much interesting content there was. My mind was racing and I even had problems sleeping that night. What surprised me even more was when I then read through the whole thing again the day afterwards! This actually taught me a valuable lesson: if you are interested enough in something, you will take the time to read about it, if it is engaging and if it is important enough to you. I have consulted for years and have spent a small fortune developing business, but I had never thought of putting serious time into writing content relating to what I do. This is what I understood Appleton Greene was advocating. You write a detailed client information guide, explaining precisely what you propose to do and how it would work in practice. Then you write articles that relate to your specialist subject and publish them. What does all of this achieve? Well in my case it has eliminated all of the time that I used to spend on sales and business development! The trick is that this approach pre-qualifies your target market. They have effectively made their decision to proceed even before speaking with you and I have the opportunity to amend and improve my service information guide as I gain more experience. What a wonderfully simple and refreshing approach to business development.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in San Diego CA

Dallas TX

“If you are a practicing independent consultant then Appleton Greene is a must. However, do not think that all you need to do is register with them, publish your profile and then just sit back and watch the money roll in. if you do nothing, you will achieve nothing. I learnt this the hard way. I registered about a year ago and quickly got my professional profile published. I knew that the next step was developing my client information guide, but I was pressed for time and put this on the back burner. I then came to the end of my current project and had a month or so to spare, so I contacted Appleton Greene again who understandably said that they were still waiting for my client information guide. I then had the motivation to spend time on this and once it was approved and published, I achieved my first assignment within a week! Not only that, but I have received service orders from Appleton Greene regularly every month since, not all of which I am able to accept. So, learn from my mistakes. The more that you put into this, the more you will get out of it. I am not alone either. Everyone that I have spoken to who has succeeded at Appleton Greene has had their client information guide approved and published. An additional tip: Appleton Greene’s customer service support guys are really good, if you are not regularly communicating with them then you are missing out.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Dallas TX

San Jose CA

“It is rare these days to find an online company that provides good customer service. Appleton Greene provides clear time parameters for responses to support requests and always responds accordingly. More importantly, their communications are detailed, personal and productive. Everything is carefully planned, well thought out and I always knew precisely what I needed to do next. I believe that the same customer service philosophy is implemented with clients too and it is therefore no wonder that they come back to Appleton Greene. They are very well thought of by the clients that I have worked with and by other consultants and learning providers too. Their staff training must be excellent because everyone treats you like a VIP. Very good value for your dollar.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in San Jose CA

Austin TX

“I was looking for a job when I came across Appleton Greene. I had never consulted before but when I read through the consultancy information guide there were so many lights that came on for me and I was excited about giving this a try. I had nothing to lose, the annual service fee was not an issue for me, I spent more than this on eating out every month, so I saw this as a low risk opportunity. Appleton Greene takes you through a series of very well thought out stages of self-development and I found that my knowledge, understanding and confidence grew by the day. By the time that I had finished developing all of the content for my client information guide, I knew exactly what I was going to do, how I was going to do it and why companies would employ me. When I then started to receive service orders from companies, there was no trepidation on my part because I knew that they understood what they were employing me for. This is the most credible business development process that I have ever come across.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Austin TX