Nashville TN

“I decided to try my hand at consulting about 3 years ago. During that time I have tried advertising, networking, tele-marketing, mass mailing and also canvassing old employers and colleagues. Nothing worked. When I joined Appleton Greene, it took me about an hour to realize what I had been doing wrong all of this time, about a week to develop my consulting profile and about a month to develop my client information guide. Within 2 months I was already working on my first consultancy projects. Within a year I had an established and viable consulting practice. I am now scaling up my business by managing 4 portfolios of clients (Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum). So, after all of this time and money, what was it that I was doing wrong before Appleton Greene I hear you ask? The answer is that I did not have a recognizable consulting service to offer clients, one which they could engage with and one which satisfied their key corporate objectives. I was just trying to sell me, that is to say my experience, skills and knowledge. You won’t get anywhere by trying to sell your resume as a consultant. If you understand the difference here, then you may be able to benefit from my mistakes and save all of that time and money. Otherwise I suggest that you need Appleton Greene.”