Indianapolis IN

“I was in a pretty desperate financial position when I first joined Appleton Greene. I had just lost my job and was not in anything like a strong financial position. I had also recently gone through an expensive divorce and had no funds to invest in anything. Getting a decent job was proving difficult during the recession and I turned to consultancy as an interim option. I looked at several consultancy companies but they all required a significant investment either to purchase a franchise or to purchase training and support. Appleton Greene were the only company that offered me a viable option that I could afford at the time. My relationship with Appleton Greene has always been self-financing since then. Appleton Greene provided me with the opportunity to pick myself back up off the floor and I will always be eternally grateful to them for that. I also feel like I belong at Appleton Greene. The assignments are all really interesting and there is always plenty of support available. I can no longer imagine doing anything else.”