Phoenix AZ

“Everyone told me that if I wanted to succeed as a consultant that I had to network my butt off! So I did, I had a detailed profile on Linkedin and developed over 500 connections and joined I don’t know how many professional groups. I had a profile on I don’t know how many other professional and social networks and I was spending approximately 25% of my time networking and promoting myself. If I had a dollar for every consultancy assignment that I have been promised via professional or social networks, I could have retired by now. What did I achieve from all of this effort, zilch! After becoming somewhat disenchanted, I began looking for something different. I enjoyed consulting, but all of my projects were coming from word of mouth and whatever I tried with marketing and networking wasn’t working. What intrigued me with Appleton Greene, was that they were NOT offering the opportunity to network. Indeed they did not appear to have any real presence on social of professional networks. This was actually a commercial organization that already had a long list of clients worldwide and all that they required of me was to provide detailed content about the consulting services that I would ideally like to offer. All of my clients now come through Appleton Greene and every minute that I have spent with them has been a productive minute.”