San Francisco CA

“I love the fact that Appleton Greene is not location sensitive. What I mean by this is that it does not seem to matter where you are located internationally, you still receive regular client service orders. I tend to have to move a lot because of my husband’s job and I did not want to have to change jobs myself every time we moved. When I first registered with Appleton Greene, we were based in Zurich in Switzerland, then we moved to New York for a short period of time before moving to Vienna in Austria. We are now back in the United States in San Francisco. I have always received a steady flow of service orders and the fact that the majority of consultancy assignments are outsourced by Appleton Greene Learning Providers is really great because all of the work can be done online. The Learning Providers provide the face of Appleton Greene to their clients and I can just focus upon working in the background. Everything is always really well organized.”