Appleton Greene

Appleton Greene has an excellent global team of qualified, experienced and intuitive people, including professors, learning providers, program directors, consultants and service support managers. Our consultants are located all over the world and have specialist knowledge relating to service subjects, individual commercial locations and industry sectors. Our accredited learning providers develop and implement standard and bespoke corporate training programs based upon their own skills, knowledge and experience and outsource to our consultants as and when they need to. Our program directors facilitate business and program development. We employ departmental service support managers who work within our customer service, finance, marketing, human resource, technology, legal, management and operations departments. We also outsource to independent third party consultants and consulting companies as and when it is deemed necessary.

Appleton Greene has an international central call center located in New York and serviced offices located in New York, Geneva and London. Our registered head office is located in the Cayman Islands. The majority of our consultants, learning providers and service support assistants work remotely from a variety of different international locations using the Appleton Greene Cloud Server.

Appleton Greene management and support staff can be broadly divided into the following departments:


– Customer services
– Executive
– E-business
– Finance
– Globalization
– Human Resources
– Information technology
– Legal
– Management
– Marketing
– Production

They can also be further divided into the following sub-divisions within each of the above departments:


– Clients
– Learning providers
– Consultants
– Strategic partners
– Suppliers
– Stakeholders

Global Operations

Although Appleton Greene is a small company, operating within an established niche market, it operates on a global scale. The company is registered in the Cayman Islands and our executive, finance, legal and management departments are also operated from within this jurisdiction. These are the only parts of the business that are centralized. Our head office for customer services, is based in New York and we also have serviced offices, for client use only, based in Geneva and London.

However, over 80% of our business operations are now conducted online via the Appleton Greene Cloud Servers. The majority of our E-business, Globalization, Human Resources, Information Technology, Marketing and Production employees and suppliers are located in many different parts of the world. As such, Appleton Greene is truly a global company as a result of our virtual operations strategy. Indeed we have hundreds of Accredited Consultants, Certified Learning Providers, Strategic Partners and client companies, located within most major cities worldwide.

This enables us to provide our clients with the flexibility of a truly global service.