Standard Programs

The preference for most clients is to purchase standard programs, if they are available. The reason for this is that nobody wants to incur the time, expense and risk of reinventing the wheel, if it has in fact already been developed and successfully used. Clients will always prefer to buy something that is already established, particularly if the purpose of the program is to implement a business process within their organization. The risk is always much lower if the business process has already been tried and tested. We appreciate this at Appleton Greene, but standard programs still need to be specific, in terms of subject matter, industry sector and geographical location. This enables clients to ensure that their program of choice is a good fit in relation to their corporate objectives. The objective here is to provide clients with as much choice as possible.

This page features a selection of standard programs, provided by Appleton Greene Certified Learning providers (CLP), incorporating executive summaries and standard program profiles.