Detroit MI

“I worked as a consultant for KPMG for around 8 years, but I had been thinking of setting up independently in order to have more control over the work that I did and to increase my income. I was not however prepared to take the proverbial leap without having the support structure that I was used to. This is why Appleton Greene appealed to me. It also afforded me the opportunity to carry on working at KPMG while I established my own clients with Appleton Greene. The transition was therefore made seamlessly over a period of about 6-12 months, eliminating any financial risk for me personally. The support that I have received from everyone at Appleton Greene has been very much appreciated, including all of the Learning Providers, but I must give a special mention to Elizabeth Johnson, who has worked tirelessly on my behalf and is always friendly, courteous and professional. She has the patience of a saint and has always managed to keep me on track.”