San Diego CA

“Like most people I am very busy and have a short attention span. You can therefore imagine how surprised I was when I spent a whole day out of my weekend, reading through all of the ACS Candidate Information Guide. I couldn’t believe how much interesting content there was. My mind was racing and I even had problems sleeping that night. What surprised me even more was when I then read through the whole thing again the day afterwards! This actually taught me a valuable lesson: if you are interested enough in something, you will take the time to read about it, if it is engaging and if it is important enough to you. I have consulted for years and have spent a small fortune developing business, but I had never thought of putting serious time into writing content relating to what I do. This is what I understood Appleton Greene was advocating. You write a detailed client information guide, explaining precisely what you propose to do and how it would work in practice. Then you write articles that relate to your specialist subject and publish them. What does all of this achieve? Well in my case it has eliminated all of the time that I used to spend on sales and business development! The trick is that this approach pre-qualifies your target market. They have effectively made their decision to proceed even before speaking with you and I have the opportunity to amend and improve my service information guide as I gain more experience. What a wonderfully simple and refreshing approach to business development.”