Training Process

All Appleton Greene programs incorporate knowledge transfer into tangible business processes. This is achieved by ensuring that project studies are all process-driven and that they enable employees to implement new business processes within local or international departments as an integral part of the program. The consequence of this is that Appleton Greene programs all feature clear key performance indicators, which enable clients to monitor progress and program benefits easily. Appleton Greene programs are also implemented over a sustainable period of time, enabling clients and their employees to implement each part of the business process before progressing onto the next stage. A typical program incorporating 48 daily workshops, would be implemented over a sustainable period of 4 years, equating to only one workshop each month, allowing ample time for successful implementation.


Our mission at Appleton Greene is to continue to achieve sustainable growth internationally, driven by the individual success achieved by our global learning providers, consultants and ultimately by our clients.

This is to be achieved by establishing Appleton Greene as an international specialist corporate training provider, providing both standard and bespoke training programs to corporate clients. All corporate training programs provided by Appleton Greene are process-orientated, which means that each program must incorporate the development and implementation of a business process relating to a specific business subject. There are hundreds of Appleton Greene corporate training programs to choose from and this enables clients to quickly identify individual programs to match their corporate needs. Successful completion of each program will result in the implementation of a new service process within their organization.

Appleton Greene –  Five critical success factors:

1. Specialist Subject

Our Certified and Executive Learning providers develop and implement tangible corporate training products and they are certified, supported and managed by Appleton Greene, to ensure that training products are developed and maintained to the Appleton Greene standard. Each program will focus upon a very specific business subject and will feature the unique skills and experience of each individual learning provider. For more details about the program business subjects that are currently available, please CLICK HERE.