Seattle WA

“I was introduced to Appleton Greene by another consultant. When I understood what Appleton Greene actually does for you, I couldn’t believe that there was nothing more to pay than the annual service fee, which at $825 in my case would hardly cover the cost of one of my monthly adverts. Then I realized that Appleton Greene makes its money from service fees payable as a percentage of client service orders achieved through Appleton Greene and this made more sense to me. The annual service fee merely covers the cost of content development for your consultant profile and client information guide and the cost of publishing and distributing this information. It still enables you to reach out to 500k active client contacts, so this represents extremely good value for money in my book. What I would also recommend to all Accredited Consultants is the Knowledge Sharing Publication service. It is a terrific way to put yourself out there on a regular basis and I have achieved many clients directly from the articles that I have written. It only takes me about an hour to write an article and I try to do one every month. Well worthwhile.”