“Appleton Greene have a proactive approach to obtaining new business and this appealed to me. Being from a technical background myself, I have never felt comfortable developing new business. I had registered with a number of consultancy associations and institutions but none of them really did anything. At least Appleton Greene help you to develop your service and help market it too. They regularly send email campaigns to registered clients who have opted into receiving information from them, many of whom are active clients already and they keep clients informed of new services being developed. They also distribute articles that consultants write relating to their service and this is a really good way of generating interest. I have on average one or two Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum application forms in my inbox every month and these are actually service orders based upon my client information guide. Probably 80% of my projects come from Appleton Greene now.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Johannesburg

Cape Town

“Being in somewhere like Cape Town, you need a very good international network as a consultant. Cape Town is a great attraction for many international companies from a variety of different industries, but you need to be perceived as international as well as local. Appleton Greene was a good choice for me because they are without a doubt the go to company for business development and they achieve this in a professional way, through detailed product development. I have always had a steady flow of service orders through Appleton Greene and I have been able to introduce quite a bit of business in return, which I earn commissions on, so it has definitely been a win-win for me. The support has always been good too and Elizabeth Johnson and her team have always been there for me when I have needed them. I particularly like the no-fuss procedural approach to business development and the fact that all clients are pre-qualified. Everything with Appleton Greene is a productive use of time.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Cape Town


“Everything about Appleton Greene appeared very logical to me. I liked the fact that the Associate, Executive and Senior positions were determined by your qualifications and experience, rather than something that you downgraded or upgraded to. It provides clients with a very clear understanding about the individual ability of each consultant and this helps us too. When I am looking to outsource work to another consultant, it may be that my client does not want to spend that much and feels that someone with limited qualifications and experience would suffice. You can source suitable candidates simply by restricting your search to Associate Consultants. Similarly if someone with senior qualifications and experience is required, then you can restrict your search to Senior Consultants, acknowledging that your client would be expected to pay more for their services. The client information guides also enables Appleton Greene to accurately identify the right person for the job and the four optional client application forms allow clients to understand the terms and conditions that are associated with each service, including fee rates, hours allocated and service objectives. Everything is clear, transparent and easy to understand.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Cairo


“I have always chosen to operate within the new frontiers of business and specialize in emerging markets. Lagos has certainly been a challenge in this respect, but no more of a challenge than any new market where opportunity comes before legislation. There are many opportunities here for business and the leading market leaders within each industry are already recognizing this and are swiftly moving past the old stigmas that are usually associated with new emerging markets. Appleton Greene has helped me to package my services in such a way that international clients would recognize them and have provided me with a number of clients within a variety of different industry sectors. The international resources that are available to Appleton Greene enable you to facilitate professionally and draw upon different skills, experience and knowledge as and when required. From my point of view I only need to refer my clients to the Appleton Greene web site in order to establish credibility, because even if they have not directly done business with Appleton Greene yet, the depth of the international resources that are available to them are instantly apparent. Good value for money and good return on investment.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Lagos


“Appleton Greene has been a good personal investment for me. For only $825 I have developed a detailed client service guide incorporating 4 client service order forms, which are specific to me and my services. This information has also been marketed to all clients within the Appleton Greene global client network. I have been an Accredited Consultant for 2 years and now manage 11 companies that have been introduced by Appleton Greene. I have also had the opportunity to work with different learning providers and consultants, so this has been a very good experience for me. Appleton Greene treats everyone with courtesy and respect and they have supported me well. I will always recommend them.”

A quotation taken from an Accredited Associate, Executive, or Senior Consultant, located in Casablanca