“Everything about Appleton Greene appeared very logical to me. I liked the fact that the Associate, Executive and Senior positions were determined by your qualifications and experience, rather than something that you downgraded or upgraded to. It provides clients with a very clear understanding about the individual ability of each consultant and this helps us too. When I am looking to outsource work to another consultant, it may be that my client does not want to spend that much and feels that someone with limited qualifications and experience would suffice. You can source suitable candidates simply by restricting your search to Associate Consultants. Similarly if someone with senior qualifications and experience is required, then you can restrict your search to Senior Consultants, acknowledging that your client would be expected to pay more for their services. The client information guides also enables Appleton Greene to accurately identify the right person for the job and the four optional client application forms allow clients to understand the terms and conditions that are associated with each service, including fee rates, hours allocated and service objectives. Everything is clear, transparent and easy to understand.”