“I have always chosen to operate within the new frontiers of business and specialize in emerging markets. Lagos has certainly been a challenge in this respect, but no more of a challenge than any new market where opportunity comes before legislation. There are many opportunities here for business and the leading market leaders within each industry are already recognizing this and are swiftly moving past the old stigmas that are usually associated with new emerging markets. Appleton Greene has helped me to package my services in such a way that international clients would recognize them and have provided me with a number of clients within a variety of different industry sectors. The international resources that are available to Appleton Greene enable you to facilitate professionally and draw upon different skills, experience and knowledge as and when required. From my point of view I only need to refer my clients to the Appleton Greene web site in order to establish credibility, because even if they have not directly done business with Appleton Greene yet, the depth of the international resources that are available to them are instantly apparent. Good value for money and good return on investment.”