Cape Town

“Being in somewhere like Cape Town, you need a very good international network as a consultant. Cape Town is a great attraction for many international companies from a variety of different industries, but you need to be perceived as international as well as local. Appleton Greene was a good choice for me because they are without a doubt the go to company for business development and they achieve this in a professional way, through detailed product development. I have always had a steady flow of service orders through Appleton Greene and I have been able to introduce quite a bit of business in return, which I earn commissions on, so it has definitely been a win-win for me. The support has always been good too and Elizabeth Johnson and her team have always been there for me when I have needed them. I particularly like the no-fuss procedural approach to business development and the fact that all clients are pre-qualified. Everything with Appleton Greene is a productive use of time.”