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Appleton Greene & Co (AGC) 1st Interview (Confirmed)

Thank you for kindly booking a meeting with Dr. Walters. Your courtesy and kind interest are very much appreciated.

1st Interview

Your 1st interview may be conducted by one of Dr. Walters’ Talent Acquisition Assistants, Colette Grogan, or Claudia Knight. They will either send you a video link prior to your meeting, or they may telephone you using the contact telephone number that you have provided. The 1st interview is purely exploratory and will enable you to ascertain how strong synergy is likely to be between you and Appleton Greene. The time allocated for this appointment is 20 minutes.

2nd Interview

If either Colette or Claudia determine that you could have a Unique Program or Service Proposition that may be of interest to Appleton Greene, then they will arrange a 2nd interview for you with Dr. Walters, who is an Authorized (CLP) Professor and an International Consultancy Officer (ICO) at Appleton Greene. He will then decide whether he would be happy to personally recommend your program or service for consideration by the Evaluation & Selection Board (ESB). You will be forwarded a Google Meet link prior to this meeting. The time allocated for this appointment is 20 minutes.

How to prepare for your 1st interview

Appleton Greene

Telephone Consultation Objective

The purpose of the telephone appointment is to provide Dr Walters with the opportunity to evaluate and assess if there is any likely synergy between you and Appleton Greene, your Unique Consulting Service Proposition (UCSP) or Unique Program Proposition (UPP) and to decide whether he would like to personally recommend your application for further consideration by the Evaluation and Selection Board (ESB). He will have already personally reviewed your profile, web site and resume before speaking with you. It is also an opportunity for you to clarify your own understanding and interpretation in relation to the information provided, so please feel free to ask Dr Walters any questions that you may have.

It would help if you are able to have access to the Appleton Greene web site at https://www.appletongreene.com during your proposed telephone appointment. This will enable Dr Walters to use this as a point of reference while speaking with you. The telephone appointment should take no longer than 20 minutes, but do not worry if you run out of time, you can always forward any further questions that you may have, to me personally by forwarding an email and I will gladly answer these for you.

To prepare for your 1st telephone consultation, please kindly spare 5 minutes to watch the video above. Then, if you have not already done so, please take the time to read the following information thoroughly before your telephone appointment with Dr Walters. This will ensure that you are properly prepared for your telephone appointment, it will help to enhance your own understanding and interpretation and it will ensure that your telephone appointment is mutually more productive.

Option 1 – Accredited Consultant Service (ACS)

Appleton Greene

AGC Associate Consultants earn between $83,200 and $166,400 annually. AGC Executive Consultants earn between $166,400 and $249,600 annually. AGC Senior Consultants earn between $249,600 and $500,000 annually. AGC is a commercial organization, not a consultancy network and as such approximately 90% of Accredited Consultants will be regularly earning the minimum annual income quoted within each category, the 10% who do not, are replaced each year.

AGC charges an annual service fee of $950.00 for Accredited Associate Consultants (AAC), $1,225.00 for Accredited Executive Consultants (AEC) and $1,500.00 for Accredited Senior Consultants (ASC). These service fees cover the cost of publishing your Consultant Profile and your Client Information Guide (CIG), with links to four client service order forms and then distributing the content relating to your proposed Unique Consulting Service Proposition (UCSP) to 750+ learning providers and 500,000 contacts within the AGC Global Client Network (GCN) and this is done consistently every month, to create awareness and to establish credibility for your service.

AGC also charges Accredited Consultants a 10% service fee on all assignments that are generated through AGC, together with a 10% introductory or referral fee, which is usually payable to an introducing Learning Provider or Consultant. AGC’s success is therefore directly aligned to the individual success of its Accredited Associate, Executive and Senior Consultants. The potential financial risk to individual consultants is therefore negligible and it enables you to experience AGC for yourself, while continuing to service your current employment or consultancy commitments. You can then gradually transfer more of your time over to AGC, as and when you feel comfortable doing so, at your own pace and when you already have an established portfolio of clients.

Given the fact that just one Bronze Client Service order would constitute a 600% return on your investment, then any potential risk here is negligible. AGC Accredited Consultants typically service between 10 and 40 clients at any one time, the minimum service agreement is 12 months and the average life of a client is 5 years.

AGC’s business model therefore provides Accredited Consultants with the opportunity to establish a viable and sustainable independent consulting practice and to have the opportunity of experiencing AGC for themselves, without having to make any significant investment or incur any risk. AGC if a full-service provider and is responsible for business development, product management, invoicing, credit control, quality management and service improvement. All that our Accredited Consultants do is to provide their service. There is no business development activity required on your part whatsoever.

Appleton Greene

Further Information

You can access the Accredited Consulting Service (ACS) Information Guide online by visiting: The (ACS) Information Guide. Then click on the grey tabs that are located directly beneath the application forms. In particular, the BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT tab provides you with a really useful step-by-step process of exactly what would happen if your application were approved.

If it helps, you can peruse through a selection of examples of Accredited Consultants’ approved Client Information Guides (CIG) by visiting the following links:

Global Supply-Chain
Value Innovation
Business Optimization
Sustainable Development
Crisis Management
Digital Strategy
Change Strategy
Supply-Chain Process

There are a lot more examples online. Simply visit: The (ACS) Information Guide and select SERVICE EXAMPLES from the grey tabs list, located directly beneath the application forms.

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