The educational services market is large and growing with several types of opportunities available for franchisees. There are approximately 58,113 establishments in the industry which earn a combined $19.4 billion dollars in revenue. The industry is largely fragmented, the fifty largest companies represent just 30% of the total revenue in the industry. There ere 55.1 million students attending school in grades K-12, all of whom are potential clients for educational services – and that number is expected to increase to 74 million. The vast majority of revenue in this industry comes from tuition or program fees. Gross profits tend to range from 60-90% depending on the location and particular course, and net profit averages out to between 2-10%. Increasing company size has helped consolidate operations in the educational services field – helping to lower fixed costs and improve overall operational efficiency, both of which are very important to keeping businesses in the field healthy and profitable. Finding qualified instructors in any field is becoming increasingly challenging; it is important to inquire about this when researching potential companies. There is a potential danger to some areas of the field in future competition from online training courses, which are growing more and more popular as technology spreads. In addition, businesses face competition from free online resources and computer software. Overall, however, the field is expanding, educational services in the United States are forecast to grow by 5% per year over the next five years.