Warsaw, Poland

“I worked with Accenture for several years and really enjoyed the work. I learned how to implement their standard procedures and processes and learned how to interface with clients. It was good experience. However, I felt that I wanted to take things to the next level, to develop a service proposition of my own and to enhance my personal wealth opportunities. I was always going to be on a basic wage with Accenture and there were no opportunities for self-development. Appleton Greene gave me the opportunity to achieve my goals. I was initially attracted to them because they were first and foremost a corporate training company, rather than a consultancy and training was always at the core of the way that I wanted to implement my services. Their procedures for consulting service development are really good and I found the entire process logical and the support and feedback that I received was really helpful. They are also proactive about achieving new business and this has helped me to establish a viable company that I am proud of.”