Rome, Italy

“It is said that if you throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain here in Rome, then it is ensured that you will return to Rome someday. I believe the same to be true of Appleton Greene. I have paid their annual membership fee for the past 6 years consistently and I have always achieved consultancy assignments every year in return. However, whereas the Trevi Fountain theory is based entirely upon myth, the success that I have achieved with Appleton Greene has been based upon something far more logical. They employ the services of some 750 learning providers internationally who each service a minimum of 10 clients, so 7,500 in total. All of the training programs they implement are process-orientated, which means that projects are generated by learning providers as the programs that are being implemented with clients. These projects are outsourced by learning providers to Appleton Greene Accredited Consultants to ensure continuity. There are only around 500 Accredited Consultants worldwide and demand therefore probably outstrips supply. If you quickly do the math here you will see why. I personally receive at least one service order every month. So, while the reasons for my success at Appleton Greene are perfectly logical to understand, it still feels magical to me.”