Monte Carlo, Monaco

“I am an offshore corporate specialist, hence the reason why I base myself in Monaco. No I have not personally amassed millions of dollars, which needs to be protected from the tax man. I am actually resident just outside Monaco in France, but my own consulting company is registered here. I moved here after establishing a considerable client base with Appleton Greene, which afforded me the opportunity to broaden my horizons considerably. It has helped me being based in Monaco because many of my service orders that have been placed with Appleton Greene have come as a direct result of my unique location, which understandably attracts interest from a variety of different corporations wanting to reduce their corporation and tax liabilities. The fact that Appleton Greene has consultants in other offshore jurisdictions, such as Geneva, Zurich, Jersey, Luxembourg, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands, helps because we have been able to operate as a team and draw upon specific local knowledge as and when required, while still benefiting from an established global brand.”