Milan, Italy

“I am a firm believer in the fact that people drive processes, but that processes motivate people. History has taught us that if people are provided with good leadership and a good process to follow, then they will feel a sense of purpose and belief. I have always felt that I have been following a process at Appleton Greene. Not only are their processes well planned, but they are well executed and regularly updated. After 4 years I still feel that I am on the next part of a predetermined journey. Of course my service and consulting practice has very much evolved during that time, but my membership with Appleton Greene has kept me on track and moving forward. I like structure and respond well to detailed preparation. It helps me to avoid having to think on my feet and to have to try and make things up as I go along. It makes for a far more enjoyable and more relaxed consulting experience for both me and my clients. We all need things that are reliable in our lives and particularly in business. Appleton Greene has been mine.”