Madrid, Spain

“I always liked Appleton Greene consultants when working with them at my Employer’s company. They were always relaxed, well prepared and really seemed to enjoy what they did. I suffered with a personal accident, which meant that I could no longer travel to work and had to look for opportunities to work from home. I knew that Appleton Greene had consultants who attended the client’s premises and consultants who also worked from home, so I contacted them to see what my options were. They were very supportive with me and allowed me to be considered for any opportunities where I could work from home, given my disability. Appleton Greene empowered me to regain my personal pride and self-respect and to earn a comfortable living for me and my family again. I work within the financial service industry and have been involved in a variety of different performance improvement services over the years. If you are looking for a good business partner with strong ethics and a warm heart, then I would certainly recommend Appleton Greene.”