Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

“I joined Appleton Greene to explore any possible consulting opportunities that might be available to me. I am an offshore tax specialist, but I also provide services relating to corporate planning, corporate restructuring, globalization, business partnering and investment planning, so I tend to have a variety of consultancy clients with requirements across all of these service categories. Luxembourg is a very small country but it is at located at the heart of Europe and was one of the founding members of the EU. I am also the only Appleton Greene consultant in Luxembourg so my position here has generated much interest and many opportunities through Appleton Greene. I enjoy my work and it is important for me to feel part of a global team, which I always have at Appleton Greene. Appleton Greene is not prone to the usual political struggles which can hamper the larger consultancy firms and it has always remained true to its roots. A very personal and friendly company to deal with.”