Las Vegas NV

“Appleton Greene has a terrific business model which is tried and tested. Consultancy projects are achieved in house, 75% of all consultancy projects come directly from Learning Providers, who are implementing their own corporate training programs with clients, so there is no need for any sales activity, cold calling, or business development on behalf of the consultant. It also means that a wide variety of projects are offered to you from different countries and from different industries. It is a really good way of gaining valuable experience. Prior to Appleton Greene, I tried to become well known on professional networks such as LinkedIn, but the reality is that it does not matter how many connections you have or how many professional groups you join, all that you are really doing with your time is wasting it, because none of these people really know you or understand what you can do and none of them have any opportunities to offer you. They are of course all looking for you to provide them with opportunities. I no longer have the time to network now and have recently removed my profile from LinkedIn and other networks. Experience has taught me to spend my valuable time with commercial organizations rather than networks.”