Kuwait City, Kuwait

“I have worked internationally as a New Market Entry Business Consultant for many years now and have experience within emerging markets such as the Far-East, Africa and most recently the Middle-East. I have learned many things during my time with Appleton Greene, but by far the most important benefit for me has been the business development procedure they use. By procedure, I mean the Client Information Guide and the associated Bronze Service, Silver Service, Gold Service and Platinum Service Application Forms. Before Appleton Greene, I used to spend hours writing detailed consulting service proposals for individual clients, where I attempted to explain what I thought their key corporate objectives were and why or how my service would help achieve them. I would then spend hours trying to explain these detailed proposals to clients in such a way that they would all hopefully understand. It was exhausting! What the Appleton Greene Client Information Guide helped me to do was to develop one proposal that would suit all clients, based upon my own skills and experience. This inevitably gave my potential clients a much clearer understanding about my service and I have consistently improved this over the years with experience. The four service application forms then provide clients with optional entry levels, so that they can choose an entry level that they feel comfortable with and can upgrade or downgrade as and when required. You should never be afraid to downgrade your clients, it helps you to hold onto them instead of losing them altogether! This provides your clients with both the information and the tools to make their own decisions and act upon them. Brilliant!”