Jersey, Channel Islands

“I worked for a well known professional offshore service provider here in Jersey for many years as a lawyer and set up a family and home here. When I left my employer I wanted to remain here while doing something different. I felt like a new challenge but had no desire to travel or commute. I had no fixed idea about what I was going to do, but when I was invited to apply to Appleton Greene as an Accredited Consultant I started to form some ideas. The cost and risk was negligible and I thought that at the very least it would be a useful learning experience. The process of developing the client information guide was extremely challenging but left me with a clear idea of what I could do. I developed a suite of corporate legal services which enabled clients to be more proactive about avoiding legislation. These services included contract management, employee relations, business development practice, health and safety and corporate structure. All of the client engagements that I received specifically related to these areas and much if not all of the work I was able to do from home, so I was very satisfied. The ongoing service and support that I continue to receive from Appleton Greene is of a very high standard.”