Copenhagen, Denmark

“Applying for a position as an Accredited Associate Consultant was an easy decision for me to make. I had just left university with a business and economics degree and all of the jobs that I was being offered were not relevant to my skills. I did not want to start developing a CV which created the wrong impression about me. I wanted to be perceived as a professional consultant and Appleton Greene gave me the opportunity to do that. It was a slow start for me because I took longer than I should have done developing all of the required content and I was learning after all, but within a year I had established a respectable client list and was able to build from there. I was so lucky to come across Appleton Greene when I did. The cost of annual membership was something that I could pay without having to worry about it and all of the other costs (service and introduction fees) were deducted from my income at source, so it was very easy to manage. The Appleton Greene annual service fee is the only invoice that I pay with a smile on my face. A very good return on investment.”