Brussels, Belgium

“Most of my work evolves around the public sector, including the European Commission, various Governments and the World Economic Forum. My service is Policy Development and I therefore have a very specific specialist subject and target market. Much of my work comes from introduction from my current clients, but like everyone I still need to develop new business from time to time. Appleton Greene was an obvious choice for me because they too focus on specialists rather than generalists and were already doing business within my market space. There was also a strong emphasis on consulting service profiling, which I felt comfortable with. All of my new business now comes through Appleton Greene. I particularly like the way Appleton Greene provides clients with optional service entry levels. This encourages them to start at a level where they feel comfortable, the Bronze service for example and then they can upgrade to the Silver, Gold, or Platinum services when they are ready to do so and this allows them time to get used to working with me and provides me with the opportunity to show them what I can do.”