Barcelona, Spain

“As a woman in consulting, it is not always easy to be noticed for the right reasons. As with any professional, I want to be recognized for my ability as a consultant and for my achievements. The wonderful thing about Appleton Greene is that they market services, not individual consultants. Detailed outline plans of all services are provided to clients and four optional service entry application forms, so in most cases clients will already have made their decision about your service, even before they know who you are. This ensures that all consultants are operating on a level playing field, regardless of sex, ethnic origin, or physical appearance. As consultants, our services succeed or fail based on their own merits, which is how it should be and Appleton Greene is the only company that I am aware of that does this. Appleton Greene has therefore opened doors to me that would never otherwise have been available to me and I have established a professional reputation based upon my ability and achievements, not just in Spain, but throughout Europe as a whole.”