Baltimore MD

“When I first looked at the income projections for Associate, Executive and Senior Consultants, I thought that they were on the low side. Then I realized that these projections were calculated only with part time commitment, requiring only 20 hours per week. This began to make more sense when I realized that that these were average projections, taking into consideration the fact that some consultants would achieve more and some would achieve less, depending upon their own individual work commitments. I decided to base my forecasts on this average and was achieving my target within 6 months. I am still achieving it after 3 years. Appleton Greene succeed by selling products and services to clients, rather than people. The client information guides help consultants to present their service offering in such a way that clients will understand it. My services are then offered to clients in accordance with their departmental key corporate objectives. I just happen to be the person who implements the service. A simple and straight-forward approach that works.”