Athens, Greece

“Greece has been going through a very challenging time during the past 10 years and it has become difficult for me to generate new consulting business. I did not want to relocate if at all possible because I wanted to be close to my family, but I felt I was going to have to look outside of our national borders if I was going to be able to develop new business. I am a very capable Project Manager, but sales and marketing are not areas in which I excel and I also feel uncomfortable selling myself. I am an introvert by nature. So, I needed to identify a business partner that could help to compensate for these shortcomings. Most of the companies that I reviewed were small consultancy companies that allowed you to register with them, but I could not understand how I was going to achieve business. I also looked at joining some associations but while they provided regulation and basic training, once again they did nothing to help you achieve business. Appleton Greene stood out as being very different to me. The cost of trying them out was small, they did not require any major investment and their business development process was very clearly defined and easy for me to understand. I liked the fact that they were trading internationally and the fact that they were a commercial training company rather than another consultancy register. It has enabled me to work mostly from home with established international companies, without having to relocate and I am always directly responsible to Learning Providers and have gained great experience from this. It has given me a new purpose in life and I have grown in confidence that I still have plenty to offer clients.”