Travel & Tourism

“I had just graduated with my DBA when I started the Appleton Greene Learning Provider Program. I had good qualifications, but little in the way of experience, but I had a very good idea about the programs that I wanted to develop and I believed that they were unique and this helped in terms of getting me accepted onto the program. It proved to be a very good way for me to gain the experience that I was looking for and I was able to work with a portfolio of major clients instead of just working my way up the corporate ladder, one company at a time. I was also able to work at a much more senior level and it has provided me with plenty of quality content for my resume. The nice thing about Appleton Greene is that once your programs have been developed and established, it is always something that you can continue to do. If I want to do other things in the future I can do and I can still enjoy a professional association with Appleton Greene at the same time. I envisage that Appleton Greene will always be a significant part of my career in the future.”

A quotation taken from a Learning Provider reference within the Travel & Tourism industry.