“When I first looked into Appleton Greene, I thought it was another way to network professionally. I was so tired of networking on LinkedIn, Facebook and a long list of other professional and executive networks and had come to the conclusion that these were all a complete waste of time. The problem with social or professional networks is that you spend so much time on them, just to keep up with communications with people within your network, groups and circles and you really get very little or nothing in return. It always seems that you have to give far more than you can receive. Having become a Certified Learning Provider at Appleton Greene, I now realize that they are not really a network at all. They certainly don’t operate like a network. Sure they have clients, learning providers and consultants worldwide, but everything is managed through Appleton Greene directly, you do not have to waste time networking yourself. This means that everything is managed and controlled professionally and that all of your time is productive and well worthwhile. If I am spending any time with Appleton Greene clients, consultants, or other learning providers, I get paid for it.”

A quotation taken from a Learning Provider reference within the Retail industry.