Real Estate

“I have consulted independently for many years and while I had always considered myself to be reasonably successful, I still felt that I was spending more time developing new business than actually consulting. I think that it is fair to say that most independent consultants experience the feast famine way of life because the problem is that while you are consulting, you are not developing new business. I have tried numerous things to resolve this issue and have spent a lot of money outsourcing to companies who have developed leads on my behalf, not to mention the time that it takes to meet with potential new clients, put proposals together for them and keep communications going until a decision has been made. When I originally read the information relating to the Certified Learning Provider program at Appleton Greene, there were two things that struck a chord with me. Firstly, I recognized that the majority of what I was actually doing, was in fact training, but I had not formalized this into a tangible training product. Secondly, by developing a suite of standalone training programs, it would be much easier for my potential clients to understand what I was selling, without my having to explain it to them, over and over again. The result has been a revelation for me personally. I have reduced my new business development time down by 75% and the sales process has become much easier and I am now able to charge more and earn more for what I do. It has been an opportunity for me to realize my true value in the market place and to take my consulting career to a whole new level. This is the best personal investment that I have ever made!”

A quotation taken from a Learning Provider reference within the Real Estate industry.