Oil & Gas

“As a practical person, the whole product or program development process at Appleton Greene really appealed to me. Having worked as a consultant for a variety of different companies I am well aware of the practice of telling people the time and charging them for it, so it was a welcome change to spend some time developing something tangible. I didn’t need to take time off work and fully intended studying to become a Certified Learning Provider while working full time. However, I had worked intensively on some heavy projects for three years and was a bit battle weary and I needed to re-charge my batteries and the excitement of what I was doing at Appleton Greene took over. After a month I resigned from work and dedicated all of my time to Appleton Greene. I did register as an Associate Learning Provider as well and was offered some projects, but I decided to turn them down in order to focus on my own program. I qualified as a Certified Learning Provider within 6 months and now have an established client base. I also feel refreshed because I had plenty of time off during this six month period, without the pressures of day-to-day work. I appreciate that not everyone is in a financial position to do things this way, but I would certainly recommend it if you can.”

A quotation taken from a Learning Provider reference within the Oil & Gas industry.