Non-Profit & Charities

“I have specialized within non-profit organizations for many years, but not because I am an idealist. I have no problems with returning a healthy profit, all good companies need to, even non-profit organizations. The difference is that they are committed to re-investment. Without investment we achieve nothing and companies that are motivated by increasing shareholder profits are always subject to complacency. The same is true with individuals. I have always been committed to investing in my future and if I manage to do well with something, I will always re-invest the profits into future self-development. That is the way of progress in my humble opinion. I am always on the look out for new and exciting opportunities and the AGC CLP represented an opportunity that enabled me to diversify into corporate training and I now have a separate corporate training practice, which operates entirely independently of a consultancy that I also operate and a number of other product-related businesses. All of my business ventures operate on a non-profit or re-investment basis as do my clients and I simply take a salary from each company. I share the management and operations of these businesses with like-minded business partners. Appleton Greene itself does not claim non-profit status, but it certainly implements the same re-investment policies and is totally self-financing. This bodes well for the future, for both clients and for learning providers and consultants alike, because it is likely to be operating at the forefront of innovation for some time. Watch this space!”

A quotation taken from a Learning Provider reference within the Non-Profit & Charities industry.