Hypermarket and Supermarket

“I was introduced to Appleton Greene by a friend and colleague who was already a Certified Learning Provider. I found the program very well structured and a great deal of thought had been put into every aspect of it. The attention to detail was apparent throughout and this theme was also reflected in the way that support was provided. I had access to a team of professional mentors, rather than just one and although they worked within very structured guidelines, they each had individual perspectives, which made the program all the more enjoyable and rewarding. I loved the fact that specialist consultants were also involved and that clients took an active interest too. I remember when I was doing my MBA, the most exciting days, when I was the most switched on, were when we had guest speakers or workshop managers who had commercial experience and were invited to do a presentation or take part in some of our workshops. This was far more engaging and rewarding than the academic process. This theme is embraced wholeheartedly by Appleton Greene as you have access to a wide variety of specialist consultants, located all over the world, all with different service and industry experience and it is invaluable to be able to use these resources when facilitating the implementation of your programs with clients.”

A quotation taken from a Learning Provider reference within the Hypermarket and Supermarket industry.