Food & Beverage

“The first word that comes to mind with Appleton Greene is quality. They employ the services of turtles, not hares, if you excuse the analogy. Everything is developed carefully and slowly in order to ensure that quality is of the highest possible standard. Having worked as a Quality Management Assessor myself, I instantly warmed to this approach and to my pleasant surprise, so did my clients. I wanted to move away from providing a consultancy service that my clients were employing, merely because they had to for compliance reasons, to a service that they actually wanted and would be more engaged with. This is difficult to achieve in Quality Management, but we achieved this simply by repackaging what I was already doing into a product that was proactive, rather than reactive. I realized during this process, that clients do actually want to improve the quality standards of everything they do, but we all naturally rebel against anything that we perceive is being forced upon us. If we choose to do something, then we will always be more committed to it.”

A quotation taken from a Learning Provider reference within the Food & Beverage industry.