Digital/New Media

“The international flavor of Appleton Greene, their Learning Providers and their Consultants, is what attracted me. I have traveled a lot and have lived and worked in the USA, Europe, Africa and the Far East and so I tend to consider myself as international. I have learned the importance of a global attitude, as opposed to a provincial one. The majority of problems in the world appear to be caused by people who are insular, people who do not see their lives in a global context and people who do not evolve. I could not believe it when I looked at the consultants and clients all from a variety of different cultures, backgrounds and locations, all brought together by a common goal, which is based upon learning. Appleton Greene is truly an international company if ever there was one and is so culturally diverse it is refreshing. I wanted my corporate training program to be perceived as being international and this was the perfect place to develop and establish it. I now have clients located in 5 different continents and it doesn’t matter which one I happen to be in personally at any one time.”

A quotation taken from a Learning Provider reference within the Digital/New Media industry.