“My initial interest in Appleton Greene was their client base, I wanted to work with much larger and more established companies. I had worked as an independent consultant for some time and had experienced working with a number of consultancies that focused upon small and medium sized businesses. This was good experience, but I became frustrated because most of the services that I was providing could be considered fire-fighting or crisis management. I wanted to provide services that were implemented over a more sustainable period of time, with clients who could afford that level of commitment and had the resources to benefit from what I did. The thought of productizing what I wanted to do, made perfect sense to me, because it would not only clarify my understanding of what I was going to do, but my potential clients’ understanding as well. I also have an engineering background so the thought of a detailed process and structure always appeals to me. Developing my own corporate training program at Appleton Greene has enabled me to take my consultancy career to the next level and I feel that I am providing clients with something that is much more sustainable and worthwhile.”

A quotation taken from a Learning Provider reference within the Chemicals industry.