“I have always been attracted to innovative products. I know that this means that you need to take a chance sometimes, but having worked within the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, I am used to risk assessment. The risk with the Certified Learning Provider program was not really that great, particularly when you compare the cost to traditional academic programs or other professional programs and I liked the fact that you could study each part of the program and pay for it over a sustainable period of time. I also liked the fact that clients were engaged before I had to develop the program. This provided me with the required peace of mind and motivation to do the work and took pressure off during the development phase. I also scaled down my own client base and started working as an Associate with Appleton Greene while studying, which provided both income and insight into how things worked. When you consider how much it would cost financially to do this on your own, without any support or assistance, then the cost of the CLP program is insignificant by comparison. I was a banker in a previous life, so I always calculate and compare the return on investment with what I could achieve in interest. I would be lucky to receive 5% annual interest at a bank at the moment, my return on investment with Appleton Greene has consistently been over 1,000%, taking into consideration all of my fixed and variable costs. This investment has been well worthwhile”

A quotation taken from a Learning Provider reference within the Biotechnology industry.