“I had worked within the automotive industry in a management and consulting capacity and had never really had the time to be proactive about my career. It all just happened for me. Then I was unexpectedly made redundant during the recession and I had no idea what I was going to do next. Then I received an invitation from Appleton Greene to apply for a position as a Learning Provider. It occurred to me that I was indeed a people person and actually enjoyed mentoring and the thought of being independent, but still having something tangible to offer clients, really appealed to me. Having the support of Appleton Greene and not having to develop business for myself also helped to provide me with the confidence to have a go. I guess it was just the right time in my life to do this, because I thoroughly enjoyed the program development process. The quality of support and assistance was excellent and there is structure in everything that Appleton Greene does. It gave me the confidence to put everything into developing my own programs and my own practice and I don’t regret it for a moment.”

A quotation taken from a Learning Provider reference within the Automotive industry.