“Coming from a consultancy background, I had 20 years experience of consulting before I approached Appleton Greene. I had 12 years experience working with Accenture and KPMG and another 8 years as an independent consultant. Although I was reasonably successful, I was still working extremely long hours and was always restricted in terms of income because I was charging for my time. I wanted to improve my work-life balance, earning more and working less, if at all possible. The Appleton Greene business model was difficult for me to adapt to at first, because I had probably picked up too many bad habits along the way and I had always provided project-driven services. The idea of charging clients for a product instead of time clearly resonated with me and the fact that we had clients signed up provided the motivation. I was really impressed by how patient everyone was with me at Appleton Greene, something that I never really experienced in corporate life and I gradually became a more patient person myself. I now believe that this is the true measure of a good trainer, because you have to learn to enable others, instead of doing things for them and you have to allow them to progress at their own pace. It has been a road well worth traveling for me and even though I am unquestionably earning much more than I used to, which was my objective initially, I am much more at peace concerning the quality of service that I now provide my clients with.”

A quotation taken from a Learning Provider reference within the Advertising industry.