Motivational Leadership

Appleton Greene
Motivational Leadership is an art form where a leader implements a model and strategy for influencing people to follow them. They are interested in building a safe and trusting environment, as well as ensuring the company is positioned to be successful in the marketplace. Motivational leadership’s core principles explain that the leader must first have in place strong ethics, clear vision, definable values, authentic communication, and be genuinely motivated to promote collaboration and positive energy throughout the company. Motivational Leadership is important in our world today because it helps to get the most from society. Every team of people or workers needs a leader. Leaders help to organize a project in order to get it completed in the most efficient manner. Leaders have incentives to motivate employees because they help cut costs by working quicker in a positive environment. Additionally, employees will increase quality because they are happy with the leadership and in turn, society will be happy because they will be receiving quality products.