Raleigh, NC

Raleigh, located in Wake, County, North Carolina, also known as the “Oak City,” is the State’s capital and second largest city with a population of about 2,100,000 people. It is also a part of the Triangle area of Durham, and Chapel Hill. Raleigh’s Growth Domestic Product (GDP) in fiscal year 2013 was close to $70 billion out of the state’s combined metro GDP that was closer to $410 billion. Some of the leading market research companies in Raleigh are SAS Institute, located in the suburb of Cary, NC, the Carolina Hurricanes, BB&T Insurance Services, First Citizens Bank, Red Hat, North Carolina Symphony, Carolina Ballet and Capital Broadcasting Company. Raleigh’s Key Location Objectives (KLO), are in state government, the arts, banking and financial services, technology and pharmaceuticals. Raleigh, is also home to a key educational, research and development, and engineering institutions – North Carolina State University, Peace College, and Shaw University. The unemployment rate in Raleigh is around 4.5%, and the sales tax is about 6.75%. The median income is 50,000 – $55,000. Some of the leading economic growth sectors are in management, public administration, law, business and finance, engineering, and computer science.