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“I have always had a passion for innovation and I love creating new things. In today’s fast-moving world, I firmly believe that survival is achieved by those who are prepared to evolve, although this has probably always been true. If there is an opportunity for me to change something I embrace it. Given the fact that I had embarked upon a consulting career and had operated independently for two years, the opportunity to learn from the Appleton Greene CLP program was too good an opportunity for me to miss. I was intrigued by the idea of being able to develop my skills into a tangible product and increase my credibility and earning capacity as a result and I absolutely love new challenges like this. The program did not disappoint and I learned a phenomenal amount over a relatively short period of time. The experience has been one that has opened many doors for me personally, that would unquestionably not otherwise have been available and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to become a Certified Learning Provider.”

A quotation taken from a Learning Provider reference within the Media & Marketing industry.

Media & Marketing
  • 21st Century Fox
  • ABS-CBN Corporation
  • Advance Publications
  • American Media
  • AOL
  • BBC
  • Bell Media
  • Belo
  • Bennet Coleman and Co. Ltd
  • Bertelsmann
  • Bonnier
  • Cablevision
  • Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)
  • Clear Channel Communications
  • CBS Corporation
  • Comcast
  • Discovery Communications
  • Dogan Group Companies
  • W. Scripps Company
  • Fininvest
  • Fujisankei Communications Group
  • Gannett Company
  • Grupo Televisa
  • Hearst Corporation
  • Hubbard Broadcasting
  • Ion Media Networks
  • The Jim Pattison Media Group
  • Lagardère Active
  • Liberty Media
  • The New York Times Company
  • Neoformat
  • News Corp
  • Next Media
  • Organizações Globo
  • Postmedia Network
  • Quebecor Media
  • Rogers Communications
  • Schibsted
  • Shaw Communications
  • Sinclair Broadcast Group
  • Sony Corporation of America
  • Sun-Times Media Group
  • Time Warner
  • Time Warner Cable
  • Tribune Company
  • Vice
  • Viacom
  • Village Voice Media
  • Vivendi
  • The Walt Disney Company
  • The Washington Post Company
Media & Marketing

The mass media are diversified media technologies that are intended to reach a large audience by mass communication. The technologies through which this communication takes place varies. Broadcast media such as radio, recorded music, film and television transmit their information electronically. Print media use a physical object such as a newspaper, book, pamphlet or comics, to distribute their information. Outdoor media is a form of mass media that comprises billboards, signs or placards placed inside and outside of commercial buildings, sports stadiums, shops and buses. Other outdoor media include flying billboards (signs in tow of airplanes), blimps, and skywriting. Public speaking and event organizing can also be considered as forms of mass media. The digital media comprises both Internet and mobile mass communication. Internet media provides many mass media services, such as email, websites, blogs, and internet based radio and television. Many other mass media outlets have a presence on the web, by such things as having TV ads that link to a website, or distributing a QR Code in print or outdoor media to direct a mobile user to a website. In this way, they can utilize the easy accessibility that the Internet has, and the outreach that Internet affords, as information can easily be broadcast to many different regions of the world simultaneously and cost-efficiently. The organizations that control these technologies, such as television stations or publishing companies, are also known as the mass media. Corporate media is a term which refers to a system of mass media production, distribution, ownership, and funding which is dominated by corporations and their CEOs. It is sometimes used as a pejorative term in place of mainstream media, which tends to also be used as a derisive term, to indicate a media system that does not serve the public interest. The global broadcast media industry offers significant opportunities for industry players due to increasing mobile television subscribers and a surging entertainment and media market. The market is expected to continue its expansion and reach approximately US $597 billion with a CAGR of 4.5% over the next five years.

Media & Marketing

“If a product is good enough, then it should sell itself, or so the theory goes. This is certainly true of some products, although a good product still needs good marketing. There is however no disputing the fact that a good product is much easier to sell than a bad one. From a consumer’s perspective, Appleton Greene’s programs are easy to understand and appreciate and this makes the decision-making process an easy one.”

A quotation taken from a client reference within the Media & Marketing industry.