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    All potential new clients or employers would understandably want to see client or employer testimonials for individual member consultants, before engaging their services. This is why we publish our client or employer testimonials on our web site. However, we also need client or employer testimonials on file for each individual member consultant, so that potential new clients can review these upon request. You can submit these testimonials to Appleton Greene by using this application form. Please complete a separate form for each individual client or employer testimonial.

    Appleton Greene & Co does not publish the personal names or contact details of clients, consultants, learning providers or associates, in accordance with our privacy and confidentiality policy. As such the content within your client testimonial may be linked to your Consultant Profile on the Appleton Greene web site, but your client's contact name and contact details will not be published, in order to protect your client's privacy and confidentiality.

    Please insert your answers in lower case apart from when starting sentences and proper names. Do not use upper case or capital letters where it is not appropriate to do so. Thank you for your kind interest in Appleton Greene & Co.

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    Please provide a copy of the file, which incorporates the testimonial that refers to you personally and that has been written by your client or employer, as an attachment to this Client Testimonial Form, for our reference.