Mr Cohen MBA BA – Executive Consultant

Mr Cohen is an approved Executive Consultant at Appleton Greene and he has experience in globalization, management and production. He has achieved a Masters of Business Administration and a Bachelor Degree in Political Science. He has industry experience within the following sectors: Manufacturing; Consumer Goods; Logistics; Education and Retail. He has had commercial experience within the following countries: United States of America; Mexico; Brazil; People’s Republic of China and Bulgaria, or more specifically within the following cities: Phoenix AZ; Nogales; Americana; Guangdong Province and Sofia. His personal achievements include: craft first-stage internationalization program; assess internationalization of operations strategy; develop & evaluate international marketing program; determine financing for internationalization program and monitor evolution of internationalization program. His service skills incorporate: strategy development; operations evaluation; marketing implementation; organizational change and project management.

Appleton Greene
Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix is currently home to four Fortune 500 companies: electronics corporation Avnet, mining company Freeport-McMoRan, retailer PetSmart and waste hauler Republic Services. Honeywell’s Aerospace division is headquartered in Phoenix, and the valley hosts many of their avionics and mechanical facilities. Intel has one of their largest sites in the area, the second largest Intel location in the country. American Express hosts their financial transactions, customer information, and their entire website in Phoenix. The city is also home to: the headquarters of U-HAUL International, a rental and moving supply company; Best Western, the world’s largest family of hotels; Apollo Group, parent of the University of Phoenix; and utility company Pinnacle West. Choice Hotels International has its IT division and operations support center in the North Phoenix area. US Airways, now merged with American Airlines has a strong presence in Phoenix, with the corporate headquarters located in the city prior to the merger. US Air/American Airlines is the largest carrier at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix. Mesa Air Group, a regional airline group, is headquartered in Phoenix.

Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia is the economic heart of Bulgaria and home to most major Bulgarian and international companies operating in the country, as well as the Bulgarian National Bank and the Bulgarian Stock Exchange. The city and its surrounding Yugozapaden NUTS II planning region is the most developed region in the country. Increasingly, Sofia is becoming an outsourcing destination for multinational companies, among them IBM, Hewlett-Packard, SAP, Siemens, Software AG. Bulgaria Air, PPD, the national airline of Bulgaria, has its head office on the grounds of Sofia Airport. The city has now attracted a cumulative total of $11,6 billion in foreign direct investment.