Process Improvement

Accredited Consulting Service for Dr. Johnson DBA MBA BS Accredited Senior Consultant (ASC)

K. Johnson (ASC)

The Appleton Greene Accredited Consultant Service (ACS) for Process Improvement is provided by Dr. Johnson and provides clients with four cost-effective and time-effective professional consultant solutions, enabling clients to engage professional support over a sustainable period of time, while being able to manage consultancy costs within a clearly defined monthly budget. All service contracts are for a fixed period of 12 months and are renewable annually by mutual agreement. Services can be upgraded at any time, subject to individual client requirements and consulting service availability. If you would like to place an order for the Appleton Greene Process Improvement service, please click on either the Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum service boxes below in order to access the respective application forms. A detailed information guide for this service is provided below and you can access this guide by scrolling down and clicking on the tabs beneath the service order application forms.