Appleton Greene has clients within most major industry sectors and within most major cities worldwide. They range from small to medium sized businesses to fortune 500 companies, although in the majority of cases our clients are invariably operating on a national, international, or global scale. It does not matter whether clients have a local or international team, Appleton Greene can still bring that team together to achieve a common and collective goal and facilitate the process. Business sustainability is achieved through client retention and program orders being achieved from our existing client base. We therefore understand the importance of client relationship management, continuous service improvement and the necessity to provide our clients with the widest possible choice when considering Appleton Greene standard and bespoke programs. Our clients tend to be proactive organizations which consider their most important asset to be their human resources. Business processes drive companies forward, but it is a company’s human resources which ultimately drive business processes. Executive Officers and Directors understand that shared knowledge is imperative. Knowledge transfer into tangible business processes is what really makes the difference at Appleton Greene.

Client Profile

To assist potential new clients, we have developed a client profile for the ideal Appleton Greene client company, although this can be considered as the minimum criteria for client companies. If you are unsure about your company’s suitability, you are welcome to complete a client application form and this will be forwarded to our client evaluation team for review

Client List

Appleton Greene has compiled a list of clients and employers by industry sector. This list comprises companies that have employed the services of Appleton Greene accredited learning providers or consultants either in an internal or independent capacity. This illustrates the variety and depth of industry experience available to Appleton Greene clients.

Industry Sectors

It is understandably important that clients analyze whether they have the resources available to be able to benefit from any programs being implemented by Appleton Greene. Ideally, there should be a designated internal team of key employees who are ultimately responsible for implementing the business process within the client’s organization.

Client Testimonials

It is helpful for new clients to be able to undertake due diligence before purchasing and implementing an Appleton Greene program within their organization. There are hundreds of client testimonials available for our standard and bespoke programs and many of these have been published online. Individual program references and testimonials are available to clients upon request.